Looking for an alternative wedding cake flavour? Take some inspiration from our top 25 suggestions...

The wedding cake; an essential, beautiful and delicious part of any wedding celebration. Long gone are the days of ordering a simple, white wedding cake. Nowadays, wedding cake designers, and couples, think miles outside the box when it comes to creating spectacular designs most of which feature wedding flavours that are anything other than sponge. Ahead of your wedding, speak to the team at your wedding venue in regards to the location of where your wedding cake could stand, and if there are any restrictions as to the style of wedding cake you can order.

Your wedding cake will more than likely be offered to your guests either throughout your wedding celebration or to take home in a box at the end of the night as a memento to eat on the journey home. However, if you’re not a fan of traditional fruit cake and you’re looking for a flavour that’s a bit more exciting than Victoria Sponge, consider one of the 25 exciting, unique and out-of-the-ordinary wedding cake flavours that we’ve got listed below.

Flavours featuring fruit

1.  Lemon and poppy seed cake
2.  Orange cake
3.  Banana cake
4.  Passion fruit cake
5.  Lemon and blueberry cake

Chocolate flavours

6.  Mint chocolate cake
7.  Chocolate orange cake
8.  White chocolate cake
9.  Chocolate and coconut cake
10. Chocolate and raspberry cake

Unusual flavours

11.  Cinnamon cake
12.  Carrot cake
13.  Peanut butter cake
14.  Pink lemonade cake
15.  Kahlua cake

Indulgent flavours

16.  Salted caramel cake
17.  Red velvet cake
18.  Strawberries and cream cake
19.  Baileys and cream cake
20.  Blueberry cheesecake

Flavours featuring nuts

21.  Almond cake
22.  Hazelnut cake
23.  Walnut cake
24.  Nutella cake
25.  Pistachio cake

Top tip:

Discuss your wedding cake flavours with your cake designer in advance, and if you can, ask for a cake tasting so that you’ve got a few different options to choose from.

Top tip:

If you only have the budget to order a small wedding cake design, but want to have enough cake to go around…consider buying cutting bars; ordinary bars of cake that can be cut up behind the scenes. Alternatively, if you love the idea of a huge wedding cake but don’t have the guest numbers, consider faux (polystyrene) tiers.