Notley Abbey

Exclusive use wedding house in Buckinghamshire

Ceremony at Notley Abbey


It’s a moment you’ll never forget. The walk up the aisle. The turn and smile. The vows. And then the cheers from those you love. The setting has to be just right. Notley Abbey has several just-rights, inside and out – the choice is yours.

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The confetti settles. There are photographs to pose for (could there be a more beautiful backdrop?). And then the celebrations really begin. With the run of the house and grounds, there are multiple settings for drinks and canapés…

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Wedding reception canapés
Wedding reception canapés


Delicate canapés for mingling guests are merely a prelude to the main event – a three-course wedding breakfast that delights the eye as much as the palate. Crisp white linen is the canvas for food you’ll remember for as long as the day itself, meticulously crafted, presented with panache.

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The bedrooms

Famous guests have graced the abbey’s bedrooms over the years (Henry VIII and Marilyn Monroe among them). As you ascend the main staircase, passing beneath a rather striking chandelier, your imagination runs wild. The stories these walls could tell. It’s quite the sleepover, with a leisurely breakfast for you and your resident guests the morning after.

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