Planned to perfection

You’ve followed your heart to the perfect venue. Now the planning begins. Horse-drawn carriage, or classic jag? Champagne, or shots? Who makes the top table? And what if it rains? (it’ll be just as magical). Your Harper wedding planner is your new best friend, an unflustered font of all knowledge (and at your service seven days a week). With 24/7 access to our indispensable online planner too, you’ll find every detail at your fingertips (and fingernails unscathed).

Wedding Planning Wednesday

It all starts with a date – the first of which we call Wedding Planning Wednesday. It’s the day we show you how to use the online planner, explain what we need to do before the big day, and introduce you to our chefs for your menu tasting. Think miniature versions of our most popular dishes, and six bottles of wine from our drinks menu to try at home (who knew planning could be this much fun?)


As your wedding day nears, we’ll meet again, online planner in hand, for a final run-through of every detail. You feel a frisson of excitement. What began as just a dream is about to become one of your life’s highlights. All you need to do is prepare for the limelight…