The after-party

Tour the bedrooms at the house you choose and you’ll begin to picture those you love in each. And you, of course, in the biggest and best. When you book a Harper wedding venue, the house is yours to enjoy for the ultimate sleepover. Settle in, make yourself at home, and know there’s no taxi to order at the end of the evening. Know, too, that you can slip away whenever you need a moment (or a snifter) – your room is a heartbeat away.

As thoughts turn to nightcaps, bid goodnight to your closest friends and family, sink into four-poster heaven, and prolong the pleasure of celebrating together (if a little more gently) over breakfast the next day. This is how to make the morning after every bit as special as the night before.

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Botleys Mansion Bridal Suite
1: Botleys Mansion
2: Cain Manor
3: Notley Abbey