An irresistible appetiser

The Harper Tasting Experience isn’t just about the food. It’s the reason you’re here, of course, but it’s also a wonderful way to picture your wedding day. Consider it a candlelit date night with our compliments!

You’ll arrive to amuse-bouche, drinks on the house, and the hum of excited conversation. You’ll see tables dressed to impress, with the scent of fresh flowers in the air and glasses glinting beneath a canopy of lights. You’ll take your seats at a table for two (naturally), and sample, course by course, a tasting menu designed to make choosing yours deliciously easy. A piece of cake, as it were. Our in-house sommelier can recommend the perfect match for each course, and later, you might just find our cocktail tower a novel way to round off the evening.

The wine list is extensive (this is for research purposes, after all), so you might like to leave the car at home. Should your partner pop the “who’s driving?” question, however (and we know that means it’s you), you’ll be pleased to know we’re invariably complimented on our non-alcoholic options.

The Harper Tasting Experience is a complimentary event for our couples. If you’d like to bring family or friends with you, they would of course be most welcome, with menu items charged as taken. You’ll get to enjoy a set menu that showcases the variety of options available, and our chefs cater for every dietary requirement.

A handful of our trusted partners are also often able to join us. Cake makers; musicians; photographers; magicians – these are the talents making Harper weddings even more memorable.

We’re looking forward to the pleasure of your company!