A guide to ensuring that your wedding guests are fully informed throughout your wedding day; from the order of service at your ceremony to the order of your entire celebration.

Your wedding day will not only be remembered by you both in the future, but it will be remembered by your wedding guests too! In order to ensure they have a great time at your wedding and have all of the information they need before, during and after the event, we’ve created a handy article to make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to helping your wedding guests.

The order of the day

We’ve already covered what to include on your wedding invitations, so your guests should be fully aware of the information they’ll need prior to your wedding, but it might be nice to display the order of the day at the entrance to your wedding, so that guests know what is in store throughout the day – and night.

  • 1:30pm – Welcome!
  • 2pm – The ‘I dos’
  • 2:30pm – Bubbly and photos
  • 4pm – Eat, drink and be merry!
  • 6pm – Toast the happy couple
  • 7pm – Party time!
  • Carriages at midnight

You could also include things like the cutting of the cake, the first dance or the bouquet toss, if you plan on doing it!

There are several unique ways to display the order of your day at your wedding. This could be designed to fit in with your theme, so if you are having a rustic feel to your day, it could be displayed on a wooden board, alternatively it could match your other wedding stationary, such as your invitations and place cards.

Order of service

Whether you’re planning a church wedding civil wedding ceremony at a licensed wedding venue, your guests might appreciate a printed order of service card to look at during your nuptials. Order of Service cards let guests know what is coming next; from the vows, to  readings and even the words to certain hymns if you’re having a religious wedding ceremony.

Top tip:

Order of service cards can be ordered with the rest of your wedding stationery order and can be handed out by your ushers as guests enter the church or your ceremony room.

Individual wedding menus for your guests

It is a great idea to ask your guests whether they have any dietary requirements when you send out your wedding invitations. They can then let you know what their dietary requirements are in plenty of time, which will help you make your menu choices for your day. It also makes your guests feel as though they are being looked after and you are thinking about their needs.

You could then print out individual menu cards for each guest so that when they sit down for your banquet they can see what they will be eating. Why not add your wine choices on as well as an extra lovely touch?

Wedding entertainment

You might like to think about some sort of entertainment for your guests when they are seated for your banquet. If you have guests seated together who may not know each other very well, it can be a good icebreaker to prepare a fun quiz to help start conversation and help people get to know each other. A quiz about the bride and groom, how they met, funny stories or facts about them are all great ideas.

Evening guests at your wedding

Last, but by no means least, don’t forget your evening guests! You want your evening guests to have the best possible time at your wedding party. You certainly do not want them to feel as though you have not thought about them and they are not important to you. It is therefore great to make sure they have all the relevant information as well, such as directions, arrival and finish times and contact numbers for local taxi firms.

If you can, try to be there to greet your evening guests when they arrive, ideally offering them a glass of bubbly! This is a lovely touch to make them feel as though they are really part of your celebrations