A list of essential questions to take along with you to every wedding venue viewing

Shopping for your wedding venue will be one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning process. But to ensure you’re not overwhelmed and flustered with the choice, variety and amount of different options that every wedding venue may offer, we’ve devised a handy list for you to print out and take with you to all of your venue viewings. Some couples walk in to a wedding venue and fall instantly in love (again), where as others try to imagine what their day could be like in each venue before making that final decision.

Step one of your planning should be to visit wedding venues with potential dates and guest numbers in mind. Of course location, time of year, cost and venue capacity are all huge determining factors but you should also consider choose a wedding venue for its staff and its great reviews. You need to trust the people running your wedding – no venue will look beautiful if you’ve been double booked or it is suddenly three times more expensive that what you’d originally budgeted for. Think of venue shopping as a job interview. It is really important you make sure you understand exactly what the venue can offer BEFORE you sign anything.

To help you along your way, why not print out our list of essential questions to ask your wedding venue, so that you don’t forget to ask them all as you’re wandering around what could be ‘the one’.

Questions About: The Wedding Venue

  • Does it suit your wedding theme?
  • What are the capacities?
  • Do you have a list or recommended suppliers? Do we have to use them or can we bring in our own?
  • Do you have your own in-house catering team?
  • Is the wedding venue available on an exclusive use basis?
  • Do you hold a civil ceremony license if we choose to get married at the venue?
  • What time can we be at the venue from/to on the day/day after?
  • Do you have an outdoor wedding ceremony license? If so, is there an additional charge to get married outside?

Questions About: The Wedding Date

  • Is our chosen date available?
  • If we book a wedding date, but then want to change to another date, is this possible?
  • How long can we hold a wedding date with a deposit?

Questions About: Deposits and Payment

  • How does the cost of a wedding compare on a different day of the week, or a different season, or year?
  • Is VAT included in the quote?
  • Are there any discounts? Can you meet our budget?
  • Is there a payment plan?
  • Are there any hidden costs such as cleaning fees, overtime rates or gratuity?
  • What is the last possible date that we can make any changes to our plan for the day?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Do you require a deposit to reserve a date? If so how much?
  • When is the final payment due?
  • How do we pay our installments?

Questions About: Logistics

  • Is there wheelchair access?
  • What is the parking capacity?
  • Who is responsible for setup/dismantle of everything for our wedding?
  • Is there an in-house coordinator that we can liaise with?
  • Do we have to hire in the tables, chairs, linen separately or is that included in the price?
  • How will the staff be dressed on the day? How many will be available for our wedding?
  • Can we meet the manager running our day beforehand?
  • What are the wet weather options for photographs on the day?
  • Are there any restrictions on the types of flowers or décor we can use and where this can be placed?
  • Is there a cloakroom for guests?
  • What time can our suppliers have access to the venue for setup?
  • Does the wedding venue provide accommodation, and if so, now many rooms?

Questions About: Food and Drink

  • Is there a food package included? And does this include a tasting?
  • Are we required to use your in-house caterer or is there an option to bring in our own?
  • If so, will they have access to the kitchen, running water etc?
  • Are they flexible with the type of food and service? Buffet, finger food, family service, seated banquet etc.
  • Can we create a bespoke package? Can we upgrade the food options and add on buffets or canapés?
  • How do you manage vegetarian options and other dietary requirements?
  • Do you allow external suppliers such as an ice cream van or Prosecco van to come on site?
  • Is there a mandatory drinks package available?
  • Do you have an alcohol license? What time does this run to and can we extend it?
  • Is there an option for us to bring our own alcohol? Would there be a corkage fee?
  • Is it a free bar or a paid bar? Could you accommodate both?
  • Are children fed at the same time as adults on the day of the wedding?
  • Do you offer a separate children’s menu?
  • Questions About: Wedding Entertainment

Is entertainment permitted?

  • Are there any requirements for suppliers/bands? (e.g. PAT certificate)
  • Do you allow fireworks, sparklers or Chinese lanterns?
  • Are there any noise level restrictions we’d have to adhere to?
  • Does music/entertainment have to stop at a certain time?