Finding your dream wedding dress

The hunt for your wedding dress can be a stressful one. But since your wedding dress will probably be the most incredible (and expensive) gown you’ll ever wear you will want to ensure you get it absolutely right.

We’ve listed our top 10 tips to make finding your dream gown the most enjoyable experience possible.

Choosing your wedding dress

Start the search early

Typically, new wedding dresses take four to six months to be made and you will need to allow extra time for alterations. Don’t panic if you have less time however, as many designers offer rush charges and can do it in as little as 12 weeks. Alternatively, you could buy a ready-to-wear dress, also known as off-the-rack, meaning that if you love it on the day you try it on, you can take it home then and there.

Do your research

Before you visit a handful of bridalwear shops, why not do your designer research first? The likes of Pinterest and online inspiration galleries, not to mention the first half of pretty much every bridal magazine that you pick up will be full of sensational gowns to browse through. Wedding dress shops will only carry a certain number of designers, so if there’s a specific wedding dress designer that you love, ensure that the shops you are visiting stocks them. Alternatively, if you can’t pin-point one designer that you love, let the wedding dress shops inspire you!

Keep an open mind

Wedding dress shops and boutiques hire experts for a reason, so don’t rule out anything until you have tried it. They may be able to suggest shapes and styles that you never knew would suit you! Plus, something might look completely different on the hanger than it does once you’ve tried it on.

Find your own bridal style

Try not to think about what your last friend got married in, or what your family expect you to wear. Explore all of the different bridal designs out there and narrow down your own unique style! First things first, find the bridal silhouette that flatters you most. Then you can worry about all the little details and accessories.

Consider every element of your wedding

Remember to take into consideration all other aspects of your wedding when choosing your dress. The wedding venue and theme of your day need to tie in nicely with the style of a dream wedding gown.

Be realistic with your wedding dress budget

We suggest going wedding dress shopping with a budget in mind. Try not to look at anything over your budget as this may only cause upset – but if you do end up finding ‘the one’ at a price more affordable than you thought, maybe upgrade your wedding shoes, bridal accessories or even the dresses for your bridesmaids.

Be selective when choosing who to invite to come wedding dress shopping with you

Your wedding dress shopping experience should be exciting but you want to bring along people who will give you a trustworthy, honest opinion. Consider taking your mother, sister, maid of honour, bridesmaid(s) or a close friend. You should also inform the bridalwear shop of who you’re bringing along with you as they may have limited seating or they might need to get extra glasses ready if they plan on offering you a glass of bubbly.

Look your best

Styling your hair similarly to how you would like it on the day and choosing the right underwear will make sure that you can see the whole look far better. Try not to wear too much makeup however as it will only end up all over the dresses!

Your opinion is the most important

Although it would be advisable to listen to the advice of your family and friends, when it comes down to it, it is your wedding day and your opinion should count the most.