Harper Tasting Platter

Choosing the perfect wedding menu

When you arrive for your Harper Tasting, you’ll receive the chef’s selection of canapés, accompanied by a nice cold glass of bubbles (or something soft if you’ll prefer). Then on to the main event…

Our tasting platters are intended for two people as they are sample-sized dishes. However, for an extra charge, you are more than welcome to bring along additional guests to have a taste of each and help you make the decisions. Just speak to the planning team when arranging your appointment.

The menu tasting platter consists of the top 5 menu options for EACH course, which is currently:

The selection process

For those who have made their minds up and are confident in their selection prior to their tasting, we do still offer the option to have the full 3 course meal instead of the tasting platter – please just remember to tell us (a couple of weeks) before your tasting that you’d prefer this option!

This selection process isn’t just limited to the food… you need to feel equally as happy with the drink you’re going to be serving on the day, which is why we give you a selection of wine to take home to sample at your leisure (or crack open during your tasting, which ever you prefer).

We can provide veggie alternatives or adapt the dish to suit your dietary requirements for your menu tasting appointment, but do let us know in advance, preferably when you book in for your tasting. We can also provide a non-offensive menu and a pork and shellfish-free option.

For any vegetarian guests or those with specific dietary requirements, couples will need to select one further alternative option per course which is suitable for these particular guests.