Hiring a wedding band

There’s nothing worse than an empty dance floor at wedding reception, or any event for that matter. Don’t you agree? At Harper we firmly believe that a great band playing awesome music all night will result in your dance floor being full, your guests having an amazing time and the memories created – unforgettable.

Dos and don’ts

We’ve devised a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to hiring a band for your wedding; from budgets to booking agreements and more…

•    Try and listen to the band before you book them; ask if they’ve got a page on YouTube or Vimeo that you can browse through.
•    Ensure that you’ve got the money in your budget to pay for the band; check out prices in advance.
•    Ask friends for their recommendations when it comes to wedding bands; good wedding receptions are hard to forget.
•    Discuss having a band with your venue before you book; there may be sound restrictions or limitations that you are unaware of.
•    Also check that the venue has a sturdy/secure/dedicated dance floor area.
•    Meet with the band before your wedding to go through playlists, etc.
•    Go through a time schedule of your day with your band so that they know when to arrive and set up.
•    Ensure that your chosen wedding reception room can host a band of a certain size; a 10 piece band in the space for the size of a 4 piece band will not work.
•    Read a contract before you sign anything or exchange any money with your chosen wedding band.

•    Leave booking a band for your wedding until the last minute as you may not be able to find one with availability.
•    If you’re having a band and a DJ, don’t give them the same playlist.
•    Don’t’ forget that you may need to feed your band or any of your suppliers during your wedding; there may be an additional cost for this so be sure to add it to your budget.
•    Don’t assume that a band will play for a set amount of time; ask how long each set will be before you book so that you’re aware of timings.
•    Don’t forget to ask your friends and family for their favourite song recommendations; this will help you compile the ultimate wedding day playlist.

Expert advice: Wedding bands

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to booking the perfect band for your wedding.

Dean Greenfield from SoundWave wedding band says, “SoundWave love performing at weddings. We enjoy what we do and to bring energy and fun to your celebration and being an integral part of your special day is such an honour. A live band is interactive and we’ve found that the guests feed off our energy, ensuring everyone has a good time – a real party and a night to remember. In the lead up to your big day, we are always on hand to guide, give ideas, and suggestions; drawing on over a decade of invaluable experience in the wedding industry. Our musical repertoire is diverse and we know how to read a crowd and keep people dancing. With the SoundWave band, you can rest assured you are in safe hands with the knowledge that we love performing at the exquisite Harper Wedding Venues, working together with their wonderful team.”