Top tips and advice when it comes to ordering wedding invitations and stationery ahead of your big day.

Wedding invitations are the first taster of your big day that your guests receive. They will set the tone of the Day and potentially adorn the fireplaces and noticeboards of your friends and family for months. Most of your guests will immediately want to research your chosen wedding venue, and may even research the details of your gift list early, so that they don’t miss out on buying you the perfect gift by leaving it too late.

Wedding Stationery: What to Order?

Aside from the actual wedding invitation, below are a number of additional items that you may wish to order at the same time.

Save the Date Card (optional)
Separate Day and Evening Guest Invitations with RSVP date and request for dietary constraints
Card to include Registry details/transport/hotels
RSVP cards with dietary constraint ‘box’ (optional)
Order of Service (optional for civil ceremonies)
Order of the Day
Place cards
Table Plan
Table Names
Table Menus
Thank You cards
Information to Include on Wedding Invitations

Below is the list of things that you many choose to include with the invitations when sent.

Most couples include a hard-copy RSVP-card with the invitation but others encourage RSVPs electronically so that they can monitor the completeness of the information returned – the following list is worth checking for each invitation (whether coming for the Day or Evening)

Does the guest have any dietary constraints?
Has the invitee been told where to respond to?
Has the RSVP deadline been specified (once past this date, chasing is entirely legitimate)
Maps as necessary for the venue/s
Details of local accommodation/ taxis etc
Notification that a room has been reserved for the guest at the venue as appropriate
Details of your wedding gift-list
Not used to sending invitations? You can find out all you need to know about wedding invitation etiquette here.

Wedding Invitations: 8 Top Tips

-Don’t forget to include the cost of wedding invitations and stationery in your wedding budget.

-Allow enough time for your guests to receive your invitations and respond accordingly.

-Be precise about who you are inviting to your wedding, when printing your invitations or envelopes.

-If you plan on making your own wedding invitations, leave yourself plenty of time.

-It may be worth creating a ‘back up’ guest list, so that you can extend invites to guests if you receive regrets from guests who cannot make it.

-Consider sending your wedding invitations with pre-paid postage on the RSVP cards, to save your guests the effort of paying for postage.

-Be clear as to whether or not you’re inviting children to your wedding. You won’t want any un-expected guests if you decide against inviting children to your wedding in the first place.

-If you order wedding invitations online, check, check and check the spelling, dates, locations and times before you pay.