Remember to pack the following items before you head off to your wedding venue (if you plan on staying the night).

Aside from being super excited, you’ll have a lot to think about during the run up to your wedding day. Don’t let ‘packing your overnight bag’ be a stressful item on your wedding ‘to-do’ list. Below, we’ve listed a number of items that you may wish to pack ahead of your wedding, so that you’re not panicking on the morning of the big day, trying to squash everything in to your case. Some items relate to you and how you’ll look on the day, but a second list will remind you of things you may need to remember in order to decorate your wedding venue.

Packing for your Wedding Night

A list of essential wedding day (and night) provisions…

Wedding Accessories

These items may include a veil, your wedding shoes (and dancing shoes if you plan on changing out of your heels. Wedding headwear such as a head piece or tiara.

Wedding Jewellery Clothing

Comfortable clothing to wear during your hair and make up session – along with clothing to wear the following day.

Your Wedding Dress / Groomswear

Keep this covered to avoid marking during transportation.

Bridal Lingerie

Underwear to wear under your wedding day attire, the night of your wedding and the following day.


It might be nice to wear something new and lovely for the night of your wedding.


Don’t forget deodorant, your toothbrush and toothpaste, along with any other toiletries you may need.

Hair supplies

If you’re wearing an up-do, you may wish to brush it out later in the evening or the following morning, but you may also want to think about whether you want to tie your hair up the next day, curl it or use some product on it.

Make up

In case you need to touch up during the day, and for the following day.


Check out our list of fragrances for wedding day ideas.


Pack any medication you take on a daily basis.

10 Important Wedding Day Items to Pack

You won’t just have to think about packing items for yourself, you may have to think about packing items to use at the venue.

  1. Personalised accessories to place around your wedding venue
  2. Gifts for your Bridesmaids / Best Man/ Ushers / Parents
  3. Wedding Guest book
  4. Post box / card-gift box
  5. Table plan
  6. Table names and place cards
  7. Wedding Reception table accessories
  8. iPod or music device if you plan on playing your own
  9. Contact information for your wedding suppliers
  10. A gift to each other, if you plan on exchanging gifts (or cards)

Top tip:

If you plan on heading straight from your wedding venue to the airport and off on your honeymoon, you’ll need to plan your holiday packing well in advance.

Don’t Forget: Essential Items for your Honeymoon

Airline tickets
Hotel information
Airport transport information