Bubblegum balloons floating from the ceiling pale blue

Bubblegum Balloons

When should a couple book you?

We can work with 24 hours’ notice; however, we recommend booking us in around 3-6 months before your day. A lot changes throughout the wedding planning process, so it’s quicker to decide on a style once you’re settled on your colour scheme.


Do you come out to see the venue?

We can work really effectively from images and will have usually created the style of wedding install you require either at the venue itself or within a very similar space. We’re always happy to be involved in a site visit if required.


Do you hire the equipment or arrive at the venue on the day and dress the room on the couples’ behalf?

The Bubblegum Ninjas arrive on the morning of your wedding to install the balloons and can be in and out within an hour to ensure your day is dressed perfectly, but efficiently. We never leave until we’ve had confirmation the bride or groom are in love with what we’ve created.

What are you expecting see more mainstream/more common in the next year or two?

We were the first (and the only!) balloon company to ever have The Queen give her consent to dress the room within the V&A which holds her artwork, so it’s safe to say the mindset behind the tacky 90’s balloon is certainly going out of the window!

All of our balloons are either biodegradable or recyclable, so are a super effective way to dress a space beautifully, but consciously too.


If you were getting married, how would you create the ultimate atmosphere in your venue?

We’d fill the bridal suite with beautiful balloons, have window spills dripping from the front of the building for a total WOW factor, we’d have giant tassel tail balloons dotted around for décor (and to double up as portrait props!) and have our guests dance the night away under one of our ceiling installations.

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