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Guy Hearn

Tell us a little about yourself?

I have photographed around 500 weddings in the UK and across Europe, and love wine gums, mountain biking, snowboarding, Bruce Springsteen and Stephen King. I’m married with three children, and work from a big cabin on the corner of two cornfields.

How would you describe your working style?

I have been told I am an indispensable calming influence at a wedding. I shoot using natural light whenever possible which helps me to go unnoticed, and my pictures are all the more honest and intimate for it. I get the family portraits done with minimum fuss and pre plan every wedding so no time is wasted. I will not make the ushers lift up the bride, I will not use filters to make your pictures look like they were taken in1930, and will not take you away from your guests for most of your drinks reception.

Do you shoot digitally or with film? Or both?



What type of equipment do you use?

Canon cameras and lenses. I have two back ups of everything, but keep my gear to an absolute minimum. I find less is more, especially when blending in at a wedding. I don’t want to bring attention to myself with lights and stands and lots of lens pouches hanging off my belt.


Do you shoot in colour and black and white?

About 50/50

How long after the wedding will the couple receive their proofs?

In most cases one to two weeks. I do all my own editing and processing, and do not outsource this. It is very important to me what happens to the pictures once they have been shot. I treat every single frame individually, and love watching the photographs emerge from an unretouched file, to the eye catching final result.

How far in advance should couples book you?

As far in advance as they can. I get booked up anything from two weeks to two years.

What information do you need from the couple before the wedding day?

An online form is sent to the couple about a month in advance asking for all the information required – names, times, numbers, post codes etc. I’m very proud of my short term memory – I learn all your close family’s names, your ushers bridesmaids etc. before the wedding, and I remember them all on the day. Then we meet to run through it all, so nothing is left to chance and no time is wasted on the day. I also use Skype and Facetime for communication throughout the planning – it’s indispensable.

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