Nicola Veal Harpist

Tell us a little about yourself?

I performing at weddings big and small across the south of England. I pride myself in being able to offer couples a personalised service, taking time to ensure that what I will provide is exactly what you would want for your special day.

Can couples come and see you perform live before booking you?

Of course! I would always suggest that couples visit me at my home in Surrey, as I can then play them pieces of music on the harp and we can spend some time discussing their wedding day in detail.


Do you take requests?

Yes please! To make your day truly special, you need to be able to choose music that is personal to you. I love making arrangements of new pieces for the harp, and whilst I have a large and comprehensive repertoire list, I am more than happy to take new requests for pieces that you would like.


Do you have a dress code?

Weddings are formal occasions and my part in it is not only about the music that I play but about the visual impression as well. I have a range of formal dresses that I wear to ensure that I not only look professional, but that I look the part! For more pictures of me ‘in action’, do look at my Facebook or Instagram pages.

If you could perform for any celebrity, who would it be for and why?

Not quite a ‘celebrity’ as such, but I would love to have been able to perform for Queen Victoria; after all, she is the reason that we have white weddings today and the Wedding Marches by Wagner and Mendelssohn were first played at her wedding to Prince Albert, so it would be wonderful to see what she would think of a modern-day wedding harpist!


How far in advance should couples book you?

As soon as you have a date and venue booked. Many couples choose to book their suppliers around the same time as their venue and therefore I can be booked anything up to three years in advance, so the sooner that I have your date in my diary, the better

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