Ten jobs to delegate to your wedding party in order to make planning your wedding celebration that little bit easier

As the bride, or groom, you’ll probably have a million things on your wedding to-do list during the run up to your big day; finding the perfect wedding venue, booking a brilliant band and so on. So in order to help lighten the load, we’ve come up with ten different jobs for you to delegate to your wedding party…if you just don’t have the time to do everything yourself.

Choosing a great maid of honour, bridesmaids that you find reliable and a best man that you can trust is a good place to start, but feel free to read on and see how our list can help your wedding planning easier in the future…

Pre-wedding jobs to delegate to the wedding party

Plan and book the hen and/or stag party

You may or may not want your hen or stag party to be a surprise, but either way it might be nice to give the job of planning and booking it to someone else – providing you trust their judgement, budget and capabilities.

Writing wedding place cards

Is one of your bridesmaids amazing at calligraphy? Why not ask her to write out all of your place cards? As long as she knows exactly what names to put on the cards, that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about!

Tying favours

Putting your wedding favours together could be a tedious and tiresome task; whether you’re sticking personalised stickers on to sweetie jars or simply tying 120 tiny bows onto boxes of truffles. Have a night in and share this job with your best girls. You could even have a race to see who can do the most in the shortest amount of time…

Compiling a wedding party playlist

If you’re hiring a DJ or band and they’ve asked you to provide them with a playlist, why not email your wedding party and ask them each to come up with 20 wedding song suggestions? Between all of their lists you should then be able to choose a list of your favourite songs to pass on to your supplier, without having to sit there and go through iTunes looking for songs you love.

Dress duty

Before you walk down the aisle, during your ceremony, after your ceremony, during your reception, before your first dance and throughout your entire wedding party, you’ll want your veil and wedding dress to look absolutely perfect. So if there’s a kink that shouldn’t be there or you need your dress hooking up before your first dance, be sure to ask a single, trust worthy bridesmaid to be ready and on the look-out for any mishaps with your magical gown.

Jobs to delegate to the wedding party during the wedding

Fill the floor

The dance floor that is…! Once your evening guests arrive and you’ve danced the first dance as a married couple, ensure your entire wedding party gets up on that dance floor to get the party started. There’s nothing scarier than an empty dance floor and you’ve got a room full of guests keen to show off their moves…

The cards and gifts

If you’re hiring a fancy wedding card post box or you’ve got a dedicated table for cards and gifts, be sure to give someone the job of putting everything in a safe place before the end of the night; just to ensure the security of your cards and potential gifts.

Distributing wedding cake

If you’ve got a large number of guests coming to your wedding then you’ll probably be ordering a big wedding cake. To stick with tradition and ensure that everyone gets a slice, consider asking a member of your wedding party to distribute this amongst your guests, if the staff at your wedding venue are not able to do this.

Jobs to delegate to the wedding party – post wedding

Wedding dress help

At the end of the night you’ll be tired and unfortunately need to take your wedding dress off. Whether you’ve got hundreds of tiny buttons to do or a corset to loosen, ensure you’ve got someone on stand-by to help you get out of that amazing gown.

The morning after

If you’re staying over night at your wedding venue then you may need some help transporting wedding décor, accessories, your dress, left over wedding cake, luggage, left over wedding flowers and much more, out of your hotel or exclusive hire wedding venue. It would be great to know in advance that you’ve got an extra pair of hands, or two, to help!