A selection of unique wedding reception drink ideas with a twist; from seasonal drinks to personalised cocktails.

Once your wedding ceremony has come to an end and guests filter in to the main reception hall at your chosen wedding venue, celebrating can begin. In traditional British culture, the drinks reception is usually kick-started with the distribution of glasses of Prosecco or Champagne.

However, if you wish to put a spin on what you serve and how you serve it when it comes to the drinks at your wedding, we’re sharing our top ideas; from seasonal tipples to cool cocktails, mocktails and beyond.

Seasonal Wedding Drink Ideas

Seasonal wedding drinks are always a hit! From a fruity summer Pimms to a winter mulled wine there are so many options that will give you and your guests a day (and a drink) to remember.


For everyone who has dreamed of their wedding in the stunning spring, a delicious glass of icy cold green tea mojito is a sure-fire way to get your guests feeling cool and refreshed.


If you have always wanted your perfect summer wedding, then nothing goes down better on a hot English summer’s day, like a fruity pitcher of Pimms with ice.


For couples who love an autumnal feel, why not try a tasty cranberry margarita? The rich red colour, floating cranberry’s and finished with a fresh lime is sure to compliment the colour of the turning Autumn trees.


When planning that perfect winter wonderland wedding, what better way than to get your guests feeling cosy and warm with a glass of deliciously spiced mulled wine.

Personalised Cocktail Ideas for your Wedding Reception

Whether a Pina colada reminds you of your first romantic beach holiday together in sunny Mexico, or an ice cold beer from your first date down the local pub, your guests are going to love the personal touches that you add to your big day.

Why not get conversations flowing by really making your reception drinks yours with signature ‘His & Hers’ cocktails? You could get really creative by naming your own drinks as well…

Non-alcoholic Wedding Drinks

Remember, not all of your guests will be drinking alcohol so it’s really important when planning your drinks reception to consider everybody!

Non-alcoholic drinks don’t have to be limited to just water and juice (although remember to provide plenty of water). There are so many different non-alcoholic options available, so why not try a show stopping mocktail table and really wow your designated drivers, pregnant guests and/or younger guest?  A virgin Sangria or even a signature mocktail will be sure to get your non-alcoholic drinkers feeling excited and welcome.

If mocktails aren’t your thing and you’d prefer to stick with a bubbly non-alcoholic option, consider a sparkling elderflower presse with perhaps a drop of brightly coloured raspberry for that extra splash of luxury.

Pimp your prosecco

'Pimp my Prosecco' Wedding Drink Stand

If you are a couple who love a glass of fizz, then you will definitely love the idea of having a ‘pimp my prosecco’ stand/cart.

Prosecco is arguably one of the most popular drinks at a wedding and if you too want this delicious fizzy drink for your big day, then why not do it with a twist? Be sure to request unique ingredients to your Prosecco cart, suh as fresh fruit, fresh fruit juices, fruit purees and sweet cordials. These all go so well with prosecco and your guest will all love their own personalised bubbly, designed to their taste.

Click here to see a unique Pimp my Prosecco stand on our Pinterest account, created at one our real wedding stories featured at Chateau du Bijou in Provence.