We’ve put together our top tips to help you on your way to completing your wedding day look, making sure the process is as stress free as possible!

When to Buy Wedding Hair Accessories?

You’ve spent the last few weeks or months flicking through bridal magazines and visiting different boutiques; trying on dresses and prancing around in front of your bridesmaids wearing the sparkliest tiara you could find. You think you’ve got a pretty good idea of how much you want to ‘bling’ it up on the day and you’ve set your heart on one of the most expensive accessories in the window. But you haven’t even picked your dress yet…how will you know it will all go together?

Starting your accessories search early is a good idea, but too early and you’ll risk having a mismatch look on the day. Your wedding accessories should complement your dress. Quite often dress designers will have an accessories collection of their own which is intended to go with their designs. They’ll be made of the same materials or be in a similar shade of colour as the dresses in the collection, meaning whatever item you pick, it will fit perfectly with the rest of your look.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go a little off-piste. You don’t have to play it too safe so don’t be afraid to experiment a little, but in these circumstance, you should definitely pick your dress first! If you simply must have a certain wedding accessory, then you should buy it.

Different Types of Wedding Hair Accessories

Whenever you start you search for accessories, be it during or after your wedding dress hunt, you’ll need to have thought about the way you’re going to be having your hair on the day. Not just a simple ‘up’ or ‘down’ scenario…you’ll need details. This is arguably a ‘chicken and egg’ situation, but you’ll be more confident in your selection if you have an image of what you want your hair to look like on the day. You want your accessories to fit you…not the other way around.

Once you’ve decided between having long and flowing curls or a little French chignon, you can then explore your accessories options in relation the style and shape your hair will be on the day.

Hair Combs

Usually varying in shape and size, hair combs are better suited to an up-do. Quite often these will be dripping in beads, pearls, sequins and various other materials and can range from vintage styles to avant-garde creations.


These are incredibly versatile and can be worn with hair up or down. Take into consideration the colour of the band, usually elastic. You may have to adjust your hairstyle to cover it up or ask if you can alter it to match the shade of your dress or the tones in your hair. Side headbands are a big thing at the moment!

Hair Pins

A very subtle and delicate way of adding a bit of sparkle to your look; usually these will decorate an up-do, so the focus will be at the back of your head!


Everyone wants to feel like a princess on their big day and the tiara offers such a versatile look. Like headbands, you’ll be able to wear one with your hair up or down but the focus will always remain at the front. You can go as big and as sparkly as you like but do take into consideration the colour of the metal. Ensure it blends well with any other jewellery you’re wearing and your shoes.

If you still can’t decide on what look you want to achieve, don’t forget you can always have a costume change during the day! It is becoming increasingly popular to have an evening dress to change into after the meal, so why not have a change of hairstyle as well?