Wedding hair ideas and top styling tips from celebrity hair stylist Yilmaz Sahim, owner of the RYS Hair & Beauty, London

Whether your hair is lovely and long or short and stylish, you’ll no doubt want to ensure that your hair is looking its very best when your wedding day arrives. Some brides like to head to a salon on the morning of the wedding, where as others invited their hair and beauty stylists to their chosen wedding venue, so that the bride and her bridesmaids can all have their hair done together. Below, we talk about top hair styles to consider, along with top wedding hair tips and ideas from celebrity hair stylist Yilmaz Sahim, owner of RYS Hair & Beauty in London.

Expert Wedding Hair Advice

Yilmaz Sahim shares an unforgettable experience, along with top wedding hair advice.

“I once did the Indian royal family’s hair for an enormous three-day wedding in Monaco – the bride had two different hairstyles a day so I had to create six different styles. My salon is considered an ‘international’ hair salon and I also do the likes of Millie Mackintosh, and members of the British and Saudi royal families.”

Which wedding hair trends remain popular?

“Wedding hair trends don’t tend to change a massive amount but this year I’m noticing that brides want to look natural and not too ‘done’. So whether it’s hair up or down the look is not too ‘perfect’. The trend is slightly softer and messier – a stark contrast to the trend a couple of years ago where I saw many brides asking for a tight French chignon.”

Top tip:

If you want to wear your hair down, but need a fuller look, consider hair extensions. Popular with celebrities and easy to remove after your honeymoon, hair extensions could be your answer to incredible wedding day hair.

What you suggest to brides looking to get their hair coloured ahead of their wedding day?

“If you’re going to get your hair cut and coloured, make sure you choose your style at least one to two months before so you can be sure. Remember you need to put aside time for trials and allow for any colour changes if you’re chosen style and colour isn’t quite what you expected. I generally suggest renewing the colour of your hair one week before the big day.”

How much time do you allow, per bride?

“I usually spend almost the full day with the bride because there is so much to organise and between make-up and getting dressed I don’t want to stress them so I put a lot of time aside. Some brides obviously opt for early weddings so the timing works a bit differently and then I only need to be booked for half a day.”

Do you offer wedding hair trials?

“I always insist on a trial beforehand, the bride will come and show me pictures and we’ll trial the month of the wedding, firstly three weeks before and then usually again one week before. I call it a trial but I don’t see that way, it’s just good to feel a rapport and trust your stylist.”