Check out our list of wedding themes to consider when planning your wedding

Your wedding doesn’t have to follow a specific theme, but more often than not, couples hosting weddings across our collection of unique wedding houses will choose a theme equally as unique to display throughout their day. Whether it be a wedding theme specific to you as a couple or quite simply a specific colour scheme, you can have plenty of fun picking and choosing accessories to support it; from your invitations to the cake and beyond. We’re always excited to see how creative our couples can get with their themes. Which wedding theme will you choose?

30 theme ideas

1. Floral

We don’t just mean flowers when we talk about a floral wedding theme. Introduce floral detailing on your wedding stationery or buy a wedding dress covered top to toe in stunning floral lace. A floral wedding theme works well during any month of the year.


2. Monochrome

If you’re a huge fan of monochrome then a black and white theme throughout your wedding day could look truly striking. Consider having your bridesmaids wear all black, a stylish black and white striped cake, or mix match black and white tablecloths to complete your monochrome wedding style.

3. British

If you’ve loved watching the Royal family celebrate various occasions over the years then a British wedding theme could be for you! From a red, white, and blue colour scheme to a proper English tea party and a Union Jack wedding cake, your Regal wedding theme could come together in no time.

4. Country garden

If you’re getting married during the summer months then a country garden wedding theme could be ideal. Consider giant garden games outside, Pimms on the lawn in front of a string quartet, or jam jars filled with homegrown flowers.

5. Vintage

If you’re a fan of bygone eras then a vintage theme could be for you! A vintage wedding dress, vintage table accessories at your reception and a vintage car to get you to the church on time.

6. Glitz and glamour

If you’re looking to add that touch of sparkle to your wedding day then a glitz and glamour theme could be perfect. This elegant theme could wow your guests from a glitzy pair of wedding shoes to diamante detailing on the cake.

7. Travel

If you’re planning a super honeymoon or you fell in love abroad, then a travel-themed wedding day might suit you both down to the ground. Complete your theme by naming your reception tables with beaches from around the world, send out airline ticket style invitations or why not consider a sandcastle-shaped wedding cake?

8. James Bond

If you’re both major fans of James Bond films then you’ve simply got to choose a 007 wedding theme! With Skyfall, Diamonds are Forever and For Your Eyes Only as table name suggestions and a casino event for your evening entertainment (after Casino Royale) – so many things you could do with this one!

9. Rustic

Hessian detailing around your bouquet and on your reception tables along with a tower of cheese as your wedding cake is a great starting point. If you’re looking for a rustic barn-style wedding venue, we invite you to visit Cain Manor.

10. Nautical

Think blue bridesmaids dresses with white wedding flowers; blue and white striped table décor; a lighthouse wedding cake topper and nautical-themed stationery to complete your day.

11. Parisian

Paris is known as the city of love, so a Parisian wedding theme with French detailing throughout could be the way forward for you both. Why not pop to Paris for a mini-moon right after your wedding?

12. Colourful

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your wedding day, perhaps choose a single bold colour to display from your stationery to your bridesmaids. Or, consider including every colour of the rainbow throughout your day, in order to create truly stunning, unique, and unusual wedding photography.

13. Festive

You don’t have to be getting married around Christmas to have a festive wedding theme! Wreaths as centerpieces; a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and crackers as wedding favours could pull this fun wedding theme together beautifully.

14. Disney

If you’re both huge Disney fans, or you plan on visiting the Magic Kingdom on your honeymoon then this magical wedding theme suggestion might be just perfect. There are literally hundreds of ideas out there to help you pull together a wondrous Disney-themed day.

15. Outdoor

If you plan to get married outside or love the idea of your guests congregating in a garden to celebrate your special day, an outdoor theme could be a fun suggestion. From lining your outdoor aisle with rose petals to enjoying giant garden games on the lawn.

16. Movies

Consider including all of your favourite movies throughout your day; from table names to your all-night party movie-themed soundtrack, your wedding guests are bound to love your creative ideas!

17. Retro

If you’re a fan of the 60s, 70s, or 80s then a retro wedding theme could be cool. Old School board game centerpieces, sweet shop sweets on a candy buffet, or a Rubik’s Cube wedding cake topper could all be included in this fun wedding theme.

18. Rock ‘n’ Roll

Your guests will love this wedding theme from the word go. Consider having your bridesmaids wear tea-length dresses, and don’t forget to hire a DJ with a great rock ‘n’ roll playlist so that you can dance the night away as a married couple.

19. Romantic

It’s easy to add a touch of romance to your big day. The colours pink or red could be your starting point, followed by heart detailing throughout your special celebration.

20. Hollywood

If you’re a huge fan of the celebrity world then you might just love planning a Hollywood themed wedding. Our suggestions include walking down a red carpet before you get to the aisle, wearing a red-carpet worthy wedding dress and having a miniature Hollywood sign on a tier of your cake.

21. Military

If either of you or your close family are in the military then think about decorating your day with military memorabilia. You should be able to pick up some amazing items at car boot sales or old antique shops.

22. Something Blue

Most brides will want something blue featured somewhere throughout their wedding day – but why not consider this as an entire theme? From ‘something blue’ on the reception tables to a single bridesmaid wearing blue or even a blue tier on the wedding cake. Have a lot of fun with this wedding theme!

23. Fairground

If you loved the fairground as children then it might be fun to introduce this theme to your special day. A carousel style wedding cake or candy floss served throughout the evening entertainment could kick-start a stream of ideas for this exciting wedding theme.

24. DIY

Add plenty of personal touches to your day with this creative theme. Try making all of your own wedding stationery and creating your own wedding favours if you’ve got plenty of time to get excited before your special day.

25. Circus

Roll up roll up! A circus wedding theme could be fun and exciting for all of your guests. From unique entertainment to a Big Top wedding cake, the possibilities are endless.

26. Seaside

You don’t have to be getting married on the coast to throw a seaside themed wedding. From a posh fish and chip wedding breakfast to sticks of rock given as wedding favours, your guests will love all the details that you can put together with this truly British wedding theme.

27. Animal

If you’ve got a beloved pet that you want to involve in your wedding day celebrations or you’ve just always loved animals, then be sure to incorporate them into your wedding event.

28. Lego

Are you addicted to Lego? Make Lego table numbers or source a Lego bride and groom to sit on top of your Lego-themed cake!

29. Halloween

If you’re getting married on or around October 31st then what better excuse than to throw a spooky wedding party for your guests?

30. Superhero

If you’re marrying a hero then you’ve simply got to go all out and have a superhero theme all day. There are dozens of cute superhero ideas to feature on the day, including having the groomsmen wear superhero t-shirts under their suits; superhero cufflinks, or even a superhero wedding cake!