Harper’s top reasons on why you should buy wedding insurance ahead of your big day

We insure our cars, our homes, our holidays, our jewellery, our pets, our health and even our own lives, so why would you think that buying wedding insurance isn’t as important?

Your wedding day could be one of the most expensive days of your life, so to ensure that nothing goes wrong, we recommend that you buy wedding insurance from the moment you start spending money on your big day.

Buying wedding insurance will give you peace of mind throughout your wedding planning journey and will be a great back up should anything disastrous happen along the way. Much like travel insurance, you probably can’t claim on your wedding insurance if you decide that you no longer want to get married, but it could cover you for a number of different occurrences should anything bad happen to your wedding venue, suppliers or your own health.

Before you buy your wedding insurance, be sure to read the small print, and understand what specific parts of your wedding you are protecting. Once you’ve made your purchase, print out your details or keep the email confirmation with your policy details safe so that you can quickly and easily refer back to them if you need to in an emergency.

What Could Be Covered Under Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance can cover a multitude of different things relating to your wedding day; from your wedding venue or suppliers going into liquidation or if an important member of your wedding party or family falls ill.

Below is a list of key items that your wedding insurance may cover:

  • Wedding cancellation
  • Rearrangement of wedding
  • Wedding dress/grooms attire
  • Wedding/engagement rings
  • Personal accident/liability
  • Wedding suppliers (cake, transport, flowers +)
  • Wedding gifts
  • Legal expenses

Top Tip:

If you’ve heard horror stories about wedding venues burning down or going in to liquidation just before a wedding, check that you’ll be covered for unfortunate occurrences like this when ordering your own wedding insurance.

Where Can I Buy Wedding Insurance from?

There are a number of places to purchase wedding insurance from online, but before you make your purchase, ensure that you’re buying the best cover that you can afford. For the amount of money that you are actually spending on your big day, the cost of wedding insurance will be very little in comparison.

If you check online comparison sites you’ll be presented with a number of different wedding insurance options, so be sure to do your research and make sure you’re buying insurance from a company you feel comfortable with. Perhaps speak to them over the phone rather than do everything online and be sure to discuss the decision to buy wedding insurance with your partner before you make your purchase.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Wedding insurance can cost as much as you’d like to spend – but it will obviously vary on the amount of money you’re covered for when it comes down to the small print. Much like other insurance policies, the more you spend on the initial outlay, the more the policy will cover. Basic wedding insurance coverage can cost as little as £20-£25, where as a full, comprehensive cover could cost you hundreds. It will all be relevant to the amount of money that you’re spending on your wedding day and how much of a risk you’re willing to take.

We hope you don’t ever need to claim on your wedding insurance, but we highly recommend you look in to protecting your financial investment as soon as you start planning your wedding.