A list of must-have photographs for your photographer to capture with your wedding party

When your wedding is over you’ll want to remember as much as you can through the photographs that you’ll receive back from your chosen wedding photographer. You’ll re-live your wedding moments time and time again throughout your marriage, so ensuring that you get the right photographs on the big day is essential.

Below is a list of 20 must-have wedding party images, to speak to your wedding photographer about before your wedding, so that he/she can add them to the list of photos to capture once your wedding day arrives….

Before the Wedding

1. Getting ready - the girls:

If you’re buying matching robes, pajamas or vests then it might be fun to have a group shot of the bridesmaids and Maid of Honour with the bride just before everyone puts on their dresses.  Raise a glass and do a toast as the photo is being taken.

2. Getting ready - the boys:

For the groom, getting ready with his best man and ushers might allow for some fun pictures; perhaps a game of snooker, polishing shoes or putting on bow ties could be a great opportunity to capture a photo.

3. The bridesmaids reaction:

An emotional, wow moment when the bridesmaids see the bride in her gown for the very first time.

4. All dressed up:

Once the bride is in her gown and the bridesmaids are all dolled up, a beautiful, posed selection of photographs in the bridal suite or outside the front of the wedding venue will not only create a wonderful memory, but you’ll receive some great images to frame too!

5. The bouquets:

It’s so nice to have a detailed shot of the bride and her bridesmaids holding their bridal bouquets in front of them.

6. Father of the bride seeing his daughter for the first time:

This may be an emotional part of the day, but when the father of the bride sees his little girl for the first time in her wedding dress, the photographer really should be there to capture this wonderful moment.

7. Family shots:

Before you become a married woman – or man – it might be nice to have some final pictures taken with your immediate family. An image with your parents, siblings and grandparents before you say ‘I do’ will be memorable and at the same time nice for your close family to get involved just before the ceremony.

8. The bride with her flower girls/page boy:

Capturing the younger members of your bridal party is quite special, and will be a forever memory for them too!

9. The groom with his best man:

He’s stood along side you through thick and thin, so be sure to get a photo of your both together.

During the Wedding

10. Down the aisle:

A shot of the grooms party standing at the top of the aisle, along side the groom can capture some true emotion.

11. The flower girl(s)/page boy:

If the flower girls are scattering petals or the page boy is carrying the rings, it could make for a gorgeous wedding photograph down the aisle.

12. During the readings:

If you’ve asked your wedding party to do readings during your wedding ceremony then an image of them at this moment is a must.

After the Wedding

13. Just the girls:

Once your wedding has come to an end and you’re celebrating with a glass of fizz, a picture on the lawn or within the ground of your wedding venue will be one to frame in the future.

14. Just the guys:

An image of the groom with his groom’s party is a must!

15. The groom with the bride and bridesmaids:

It’s always nice to have a picture of the bride with her best girls and the man of the moment.

16. The bride being held up by the groom and his party:

In some cultures it is tradition for the groom’s party to lift up the bride horizontally for a fun, memorable photograph after the ‘I do’s’.

17. Everyone together:

Once the group shots have been taken, one big image of the entire wedding party outside the venue, on the stairs or in the hall is a must.

At the Reception

18. The speeches:

It’s essential for the wedding photographer to get a good photo of the best man or the groom doing their speech to keep in the wedding photo album.

19. On the dance floor:

If you’re hiring a band or DJ then its fun to have your photographer take some fun photos of your dancing the night away.

20. The bouquet toss:

If you plan on tossing your bridal bouquet to your best girls at the end of the night then the photographer simply must capture this moment on camera.