Your guests will be as excited to attend your wedding as you will be planning it, but in order to create an unforgettable celebration, why not think about ways to get your wedding guests involved?

From photographic memories to the dance floor, your guests will play a huge part in your wedding – so in order to make them feel special too, we’ve come up with 6 ideas on how you can get your guests to play an even bigger part of your big day…

Wedding #hashtag

If you’re happy for your guests to use their mobile phones during your wedding ceremony and/or reception, then consider having a wedding day hashtag. Ask your guests to post comments on social media throughout the day/night, using the same hashtag every time. At the end of your wedding you’ll be able to look back and relive some of the amazing highlights of the day – and see what your guests thought as they celebrated with you. Suggestive hashtags could be: #SmithWeddingDay #LouiseandBriansayIDO #SarahandNickForever #KayandMarkTieTheKnot #TheBeaumonts #JenandMikeareHitched #JonesHappilyEverAfter #Mr&MrsSmith

Wedding time capsule

At your wedding reception – have a table with a box and coloured cards to match your wedding scheme and a selection of pens. Ask your wedding guests to write the newlywed couple a note or wedding wish for your future; once they’re finished, pop it in the box. At the end of the wedding, close the box, tie it with a ribbon and keep it somewhere safe. Then, on every wedding anniversary open the box and read just a few of the cards, so that the magic and memory of your wedding day will live on as you celebrate forever more.

Create a playlist

Music will play a huge part at your wedding reception, so to ensure your dance floor is full from the start of your night to the end, you might want to ask you guests to contribute their favourite dance tune suggestions in advance. Have a section on your wedding invitations that invites guests to name their top three dance floor numbers, or think about having a dedicated section on your own wedding website (if you have one) so that friends and family can leave suggestions before your big day, so that you can pass the list on to your DJ.

Wedding dance off

If you’ve got a great DJ or band then a wedding dance off could be a superb way to inject a bit of fun into your wedding reception. Have your wedding toastmaster or MC announce that there will be a dance off later on in the evening, so that guests will have time to prepare themselves for a fun night on the dance floor ahead.

The DIY guest book

To keep your wedding guests entertained throughout your evening reception, consider having them make your wedding guest book for you. Supply them with a polaroid camera or a fuji instax and a load of film, and have them take selfies to pin on a board with their name. At the end of your celebration when the last selfie has been snapped, simply gather up all of the pictures and build your very own album once you’ve returned from your honeymoon.

Wedding chain link

Consider having the cutlery or favours at your wedding reception tied with a personalised ribbon, or something that can be removed with ease. Then, get one of your bridesmaids, or the Best man, to connect his ribbon with the person sitting next to him…and then pass it on. The garland will then move its way round the room so that every guest attaches their own ribbon to the trail, creating a garland to keep forever and hang somewhere in your house – or around your Christmas tree in years to come.

Top tip:

Not everyone at your wedding will be in the same age bracket, for example, there may be some ideas that your grandparents just won’t want to/be able to get involved with. Consider a variety of different ways to get your wedding guests involved, so that everyone on your guest list is covered.