Advice on how to beat those post-wedding blues – if you have them.

You may have spent many months, possibly years, planning your special day at your dream wedding venue. Now that it’s all over, you can’t help but feel like something is missing and that you need a new venture to keep your mind occupied. This feeling is not uncommon, and most couples will look to start a new project or plan something exciting for the future. This article shares our ideas on how to beat those post-wedding blues; from booking your next weekend break to planning a family and so much more.

Have some R&R

Jetting off to your dream destination the day after your wedding sounds amazing. However, a much more practical plan is to schedule your departure for a couple of days later – giving you the chance to rest and relax. After many months of planning and focussing energy into one day, giving yourself a few days of downtime will allow you to rest and take in all of those wonderful wedding day memories. It is also becoming quite common for couples to delay their honeymoon for a few months. Opting for a ‘minimoon’ but planning a bigger honeymoon later down the line could be appealing to some. Enjoy a short hotel break to catch your breath after the wedding, but give yourselves something else to look forward to – almost like an extension of your wedding celebration. Organising your honeymoon post-wedding day even allows you to re-channel your planning skills from the wedding to the honeymoon.

Share your real wedding story

You probably read a load of real wedding stories when you were planning your own big day, so why not share your own? You will probably be asked to complete a questionnaire and speak to your wedding photographer in regards to images, but you never know how many future brides your own real wedding story will help and inspire. Contact your wedding venue to find out how you can feature as a real wedding story.

Plan ahead

All of a sudden, the one special day you have been anticipating for so long is over, and you feel that you no longer have anything to look forward to. This feeling can of course be avoided, by planning holidays or events after your wedding. Do you have a big family birthday approaching or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of going on a travel adventure? Now is the time to start planning.

Find a new hobby

Finding a new hobby that the both of you can share is a wonderful idea. Although it is vital for the two of you to have separate interests, it is also great if you can find something you can enjoy together. This could be something for you both to think about whilst relaxing on honeymoon, and then organise as soon as you return.