23 ideas on how to enhance your evening buffet in a really sweet way

Once the cake has been cut and the first dance has been danced, the guests at your wedding will be ready to mingle, celebrate and enjoy any other entertainment that you have planned for the evening. In between posing for a photo at the photo booth or being wowed by the magician you’ve hired, guests may want to keep their energy levels high by indulging in something sweet. Aside from a slice of your delicious wedding cake, you may want to consider having an alternative sweet treat displayed at your wedding reception. Below, we’ve listed 8 sweet ideas to inspire you.

Sweetie cart

You can’t go wrong by hiring a sweetie cart to display at your wedding reception. Whether it is filled with memorable sweets from your childhood or the ultimate pick ‘n’ mix, your guests, young or old will absolutely love being able to nibble their way through a sweetie cart throughout the night.

Chocolate fountain

If you love chocolate but have opted for a traditional sponge or fruit flavoured wedding cake, why not consider hiring a chocolate fountain for your wedding? Choose between milk, dark or white chocolate and have fun choosing a variety of fruit, marshmallows and cookies for your guests to dip in to the chocolate as the reception progresses.

Top tip:

Don’t forget to order sticks to display on your chocolate fountain table. If you’re hiring a chocolate fountain from your chosen wedding venue, ask what is included before you commit.

Cookie bar

Fill vintage style jars (with lids), with different flavours of cookies for your guests to enjoy throughout the night. Label each cookie jar with a pretty sign and don’t forget to have napkins on display so that guests won’t get their fingers dirty.

Cake table

If you just love cake and you don’t feel that one is enough, a wedding cake table featuring a variety of flavours could be fun? See if your wedding venue can help provide a supply of lovely cakes, or, if you’re hiring a wedding cake designer, discuss options with them in terms of sizes, flavours and how they an be decorated.

Cake pop stand

Cake pops are a fun alternative to a traditional slice of wedding cake. They are small, round and are the perfect two-bite slice of cake on a stick that could be perfect to offer on an evening buffet or as part of your formal wedding cake display.

Popcorn machine

Popcorn is a great, light, tasty snack that guests of all ages will enjoy. If you’re planning a movie themed wedding or you enjoy popcorn on a regular basis as a couple, hiring a pop corn machine complete with red and white cartons so that guests can scoop their own.

Ice cream trike

If you’re planning a summer wedding then you might want to keep your guests refreshed throughout the evening by having an ice cream trike set up on display. An ice cream trike could be displayed directly after your wedding ceremony, as celebratory drinks are served in a country garden, or, during the evening reception as the dancing gets started.

Chocolate indulgence

Do you love chocolate? Consider having a tower of sealed Fererro Rocher chocolates on display at your wedding reception. Truffles, mint flavoured chocolates or chocolates from your favourite chocolatier could be an option.

Top tip:

Any kids, the young or the older type, will make a bee-line for a sweetie cart advertising sugary-goodness, so make them earn their rush by asking repeat visitors to bag up a good pick n’ mix to wander round so everyone gets in on the fun and there are some bags ready to be taken away at the end of the night.

5 ways to enhance your sweet treat display

  • Create/order personalied sweetie bags to display on the sweetie cart
  • Order your own personalised rock sweets with your new married name, Mr & Mrs or simply ‘Just Married’ printed on them
  • Have your Master of Ceremonies announce that sweet tables are available to enjoy
  • Place an empty sweet bag at each place setting for guests to fill later in the evening
  • Source or order from your venue, your favourite childhood sweets to display on a sweetie cart