An introduction to the different variety of bridal accessories available to the bride

There’s nothing in the rule book of getting married to say that you should wear wedding accessories, but its more than likely that you will want to enhance your bridal style in one way or another. Below, we’ve listed a collection of the most popular wedding accessories that a bride-to-be could consider.

Wedding shoes

Think about the size of the heel you want for the day and take a pair of similar heels for the initial dress fitting. When it comes to choosing the pair that will carry you down the aisle, remember that you are going to be wearing them for a long time, and included in your strongest memories of the day should not be the blisters on your heels. They really do need to be comfortable so acclimatising your feet to them is advisable! Make sure you have your chosen shoes with you for the final fitting of the dress. If you’re getting married outdoors, you may want to think about a flat wedding shoe or wedged heel for support. Make sure they are fully broken in before the big day, wear them around the house to soften the shoes – obviously when your partner isn’t there.

Bridal hair accessories

You will want to look at the options for your bridal hair accessories when you are trying on your dress. These can be anything from the traditional veil to tiaras, fresh flowers or even something quirky like feathers. The most traditional piece of bridal headwear is of course the veil. There are so many options for the length, style and material, so if you think a classic veil isn’t the one for you, research some alternative styles and you may be surprised! If you’re a bride who is more subtle but still wants a bit of glamour, opt for some hair clips with jewels or pearls on them.

Wedding day jewellery

Think about jewellery that will complement the style of your wedding dress. The neckline of your wedding dress will determine whether you need to wear a necklace or not. If your ears are pierced, and you enjoy wearing earrings, a nice pair may look perfect with your dress. A pretty bracelet could also complement your bridal style, however, when it comes to wearing a watch, this may not be necessary on your wedding day. It is typical to wear your engagement ring on your right hand before your ceremony so that your new wedding ring can slip onto your finger perfectly.

Wedding day underwear

There’s nothing worse than ill-fitting underwear, and you certainly won’t want to be worrying about this on your wedding day. Buy multiple options in advance so that you can ensure comfort on the big day. If you need to wear a bra with your wedding dress, try it on with your dress in advance so that you don’t have any sudden surprises moments before you step into your dress. Another popular option is to get a bra sewn into the dress, which means you won’t have to worry about it moving or showing. A wedding dress shop may be able to advise you when it comes to specialist wedding underwear, or visit the lingerie section of your local department store as they may have options to show you.

Signature perfume

Scientists tell us that smells evoke memories more strongly even than sound. Are you planning to wear your normal perfume for the day or will it be something different that in years to come will transport you back to your wedding day every time you catch a whiff? You could shop for wedding perfumes together as a couple, or, if you’ve identified the scent you’d like to wear, perhaps gift it to one another on the Christmas or birthday ahead of your wedding. Alternatively, a new bottle of perfume or aftershave could be the ultimate wedding day gift idea!