Advice for couples planning to end their wedding reception with a magnificent fireworks display

A firework display can be a truly wonderful way to end the perfect day. Not only will your wedding guests be wowed by an impressive firework display, but your wedding photographer may also capture some amazing images for your wedding photo album. There are, however, plenty of things to consider when it comes to planning a firework display at your wedding; from permission to budget and more.

Does Your Wedding Venue Allow Fireworks?

First things first – before you start any wedding reception planning, check to see if the venue you’ve booked, allows fireworks. Due to location, some wedding venues may not allow a fireworks display to take place. So if you have your heard set on a fireworks display, search for wedding venues that allow fireworks.

If you do book a wedding venue that allows fireworks, such as Botleys Mansion or Notley Abbey, you must ensure that you have clearly specified the time that the fireworks will be taking place and that the company providing the fireworks have sent in any insurance paperwork that will be necessary.

Planning Your Wedding Fireworks


Remember that most displays will be shown off to best advantage if it is dark. Check sunset times for your day and work forward from there.


Consider the ramifications of wind, rain etc. Will your guests need clothing/umbrellas/footwear to ‘cope comfortably’? In the event of heavy rain and your fireworks display cannot take place, ensure you’ve spoken to your the fireworks company in advance of what usually happens in this situation.

Legal Constraints

There are a few days in the year when restrictions are lifted but unless you are getting married on one of these days you will need to make sure that you finish by 11pm.

Wedding Venue Stipulations

Check that the relevant local authority allows your venue to have fireworks – some local and district councils who ban fireworks because of environmental issues that have nothing to do with your wedding but will impact it nonetheless. Your firework company many need to get in touch with the local council if the actual display is being set up a distance away from the venue (in the park opposite, for example).

Wedding Insurance

Most venues will specify the level of cover required. Don’t assume that your operator will automatically meet this requirement. All reputable venues will insist that you use a professional company to set the fireworks off. A member of your party who has ‘done it before’ will probably not qualify! Check out John Lewis Wedding Insurance here.

Clearing Up

Make sure that either your operator comes back the next day to clear the debris or that you find a groomsman to take on this task. Post-event clean up charges CAN be avoided!

Budgeting for Fireworks at your Wedding

A fireworks display is a big commitment to your budget, for a short span of entertainment at your wedding – although they really can be wonderful and memorable for everyone.

If fireworks are a ‘must-have’ on your wedding reception check list, then ensure you have the budget for this in your wedding fund.
If you hadn’t considered fireworks but you have budget left over, this could be a great way to end the night.
Firework displays vary greatly in price – and may even vary season to season and by location. Speak to more than one firework company to compare costs before you commit to anything.
Speak to the team at your wedding venue to see if they have worked with reliable firework companies in the past. If you have booked a Harper Wedding Venue, head to the Harper Partners page to find firework suppliers.