Notley Abbey wedding reception

One Week

to go

Planning the final details

from wedding dress collections to beauty preparations

The wedding day is just around the corner and, after tiring up the last few loose ends, its time to be pampered and let yourself unwind before the big day.

Collecting the wedding dress

With a week to go until the big day, and any final dress alterations are taken care of, now is the time to collect your wedding dress. You may have already taken it home after your final fitting a few weeks prior to the wedding if you live far from the dress shop. If you are superstitious you could leave the dress with a trusted friend or relative to relieve the worry of your fiancé seeing it. Either way, to keep your wedding dress in pristine condition ensure it is hung to avoid creasing. If you have a fuller dress you might want to let the dress hang and breathe outside of the protective bag, but bear in mind where you do this so as to avoid accidental damage.

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Notley Abbey table setup with menu stationary
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Packing for the big day

When packing for your wedding day there’s lots of things to remember to put in the suitcase! Of course your packing list will vary depending on where you are getting ready, where you are staying on your wedding night and what you’re doing the day after, therefore, allow yourself plenty of time to get organised. Write a checklist (a spreadsheet for a spread!) to ensure you pack everything you need prior to the wedding, and any last minute items to pack on the day itself.

You may have the option to drop off and store items at your venue, such as your wedding decor or favours. This option varies from venue to venue so it’s definitely best to ask your wedding venue directly, and in advance, as you don’t want to be sent away with a car-full of your things.

If you are having a destination wedding discuss how best to pack the wedding dress and suits in-store during fittings. Your chosen store might offer this as a service, giving you peace of mind.

Beauty preparations

With the wedding preparations in place and ticked off your wedding checklist, now is the time to focus on yourself for some well deserved beauty therapy or grooming, and relaxation.

Book your beauty appointments way in advance to ensure availability at your favourite salons. If this isn’t normally your thing then get some recommendations from a friend or do your research – don’t chance it. It would be so sad if you got a bad spray tan when you’ve worked so hard on getting the rest of your body looking ‘wedding ready’.

Depending on the appointment it might be nice to include some of your wedding party, such as your bridesmaids. However, some salons have restrictions regarding group bookings, so it is best to find out in advance to avoid disappointment. Appointments to consider arranging include, but are not limited to:

• hair (cut and/or colouring)
• waxing
• threading
• tanning
• eyelash extensions
• nails (manicure and/or pedicure)
• facial

This expense is very important, so make sure it’s all factored into your wedding budget.