Unique, unusual and unforgettable dates to get married

Your wedding day will be one of the most significant dates in your calendar for the rest of your life, so why not make it an extra special one to remember?

Why choose an unusual wedding date?

Step aside from the norm! Choosing a unique wedding date to get married will definitely make it a day to remember, and will certainly be a conversation starter when your family and friends receive their wedding invitations.  You can have some fun and choose a date that falls on a special holiday or event. Consider giving your unusual wedding a theme if it happens to fall around a national holiday such as Easter.

We’ve come up with a list of exciting and memorable wedding dates throughout the year that you might want to think about booking in the near future, why not give your preferred wedding venue a call to see if they’ve got these available?

New Years Day:

Start your year with the most exciting memory ever!

Burns Night:

The 25th January every year is a big Scottish celebration; plan a wedding filled with tartan, a cèilidh, and Haggis.

Shrove Tuesday:

A day that typically happens at the beginning of February each year – and what a great excuse to serve pancakes for dessert or have a huge pancake wedding cake.

Valentine’s Day:

You can’t get more romantic than getting married on day that celebrates love!


It doesn’t have to be the classic witches and spiders halloween theme, maybe try a halloween colour scheme? Or make it more autumnal themed.

Alternative wedding dates

Your birthdays:

Two celebrations in one! It will be a party to remember if you get married on your birthday – and a great excuse to eat lots of wedding cake!

Your proposal-versary:

Consider tying the knot a year, or two, to the date, after you get engaged.

Your parent’s wedding anniversary:

If you’re particularly close with your parents this could be the perfect way to celebrate theirs and your marriage. It could possibly start a family tradition!

The date you first met:

If you can remember it, the date you met might always hold a special meaning to you both, so why not get married on that date too!

Olympic/Sporting launches:

If you’re a sports fan getting married on the date of a major sporting event can’t get more exciting! Consider having screens streaming the events, just be aware that traffic could be an issue!

Bank holidays:

If the bank holiday falls on a Friday then there may be an opportunity for you to tie the knot on a Thursday to maximize a full long weekend of celebrating. If the bank holiday falls on the Monday then a Sunday wedding could be an option.

Mothers Day/Fathers Day:

Bringing families together for more than one reason.

Lucky wedding dates:

In some religions certain dates are believed to bring you luck

Our top tips for choosing a wedding date

  1. Ensure the most important members of your family and friends can make it
  2. Check that your chosen wedding date doesn’t clash with another family wedding or celebration
  3. Check that the wedding venues that you browse have availability or are open if you’re choosing a wedding date that is unusual or falls across a national holiday
  4. If you do end up choosing a unique wedding date, be sure to send out your save the date cards early, so that your guests are well aware of your plan