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The Wedding Day

Planning the wedding day

from getting ready to your wedding send off

The day is FINALLY here! You’re as ready as you’ll ever be and completely on cloud 9. Just like your wedding checklist, timings and organisation is key on the day but most importantly, enjoy yourself and don’t sweat the small stuff! Your wedding planner, photographer and Vicar/Registrar will keep you on track and help things to run smoothly throughout the day.

bridal gown

Getting ready

To ensure the ‘getting ready’ stage can run as smoothly as possible, create a schedule so that everyone knows what is expected and when. It’s often easiest to start with the time you need to be ready for and not the ceremony time (so as to allocate time for your register meeting, makeup touch ups and photographs), and work backwards. You will have likely had a hair and makeup trial, so you’ll know how long to allow for this, but don’t forget to take in account timings for your bridesmaids and mother of the bride too.

As soon as possible, hang your dress and veil (if you have one) in an open space so that it can breathe and avoid creasing. Hang the dress to avoid marks from makeup and/or hair spray as well as from certain friends or family members from seeing it, such as the father of the bride. Keep them in suspense!

When getting ready on your wedding day, wear something comfortable, as typically you’ll be sitting down for quite some time when getting your hair and makeup done. Consider the style of dress you have chosen. Bra straps often leave imprints on your skin which you do not want to show if you have chosen a strapless wedding dress or an illusion back, for example. Wearing something buttoned avoids affecting your hair and makeup when changing. A current trend and nice touch is to source matching bride, mother of the bride and bridesmaids pyjamas (or gowns). These can look lovely as group photographs. Remember to get everyone’s sizes to avoid any awkwardness… and jot this expense into your wedding budget as costs will vary depending on personalisation, style and the number of bridesmaids.

father of the bride dress reveal

Dress reveal

The moment the father of the bride gets to see his daughter in her bridal gown is a very special, and often emotional, one (you may even get a tear or two!). When it comes to photos, this is traditionally a wedding day must have,the purest facial expression, be it surprised, tearful or a mixture of the two. Be sure that your photographer is aware (it’s on their list) and that they’re in the room when you’re ready so they capture the moment perfectly!

Registrar meeting

Just as you’d meet with the vicar prior to a church wedding, for civil ceremonies you are legally required to meet with the registrar on the day of the wedding, shortly before the ceremony. This is a short interview to check you are who you say you are and an opportunity to meet prior to walking down the aisle. The meeting takes place at your chosen venue and your wedding planner will be able to advise which room this will be as this varies from venue to venue, although is typically the bridal suite for the bride and the ceremony room or an alternative room for the groom.

Enjoy the day

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement, emotions and celebrations on your wedding day, but take a ‘deep breathe’ moment to take everything in. The day can often go by in a flash so be mindful to revel in your hard work and planning and appreciate everyone who has attended to celebrate with you. Relax, eat, drink, dance and enjoy the day (whatever the weather). Your venue, bridesmaids and groomsmen, toast master (optional) and photographer will work together to keep you on track, so let your worries melt away!

sparkler send off

Wedding send off

If you aren’t spending your wedding night at your venue why not have a wedding send off? This is a wonderful opportunity to say good bye to your guests and exit your wedding reception in style. Sparklers and a firework display is a great way to have your wedding day go out with a bang, but check with your venue that they are prohibited and any restrictions that may be tied to them, such as timings. Or, a (slightly) quieter option, but still just as lovely, which is a guest line up/arch with confetti that takes you out of the building and into your car. You could of course just work your way around the room, thank your guests and say your final goodbyes before quietly slipping away into the night – it’s your wedding… anything goes!