Fun and unique wedding table plans to display to your guests

Each and every guest at your wedding will look at the table plan you’ve created for them, so this can be the time to get a bit creative. It could be something along the lines of your colour scheme or specific theme of your wedding – or you could think outside the box and create something truly unique. Below are ten fun wedding table plan suggestions to display at your venue that you can either create yourself or have a wedding supplier help you with:

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International table plan

If you plan on visiting a number of places on your honeymoon or you’ve travelled a lot together already, consider an international table plan. Think about printing out the shape or map of each country and then list the name of each guest over it. Then, when it comes to the tables, they could each have the same country theme as the location on your table plan map!

Photo frames

If you’re looking for a cool and cost effective way to display your table plan, you could start collecting unique and unusual photo frames. Pick them up at a car boot, charity shops or in the sale, then fill each frame with a list of the guests seated at each table. You can then mount/stick each frame onto a bigger board to display on an aisle at the entrance to your wedding breakfast  – or just have them all lined up on a side table for everyone to view.

Favour table plan

Steal an idea from American weddings, where guests pick up their wedding favour or place card before they enter your wedding breakfast. On a big table outside your banquet room, have all of your place cards or favours lined up, with the name of the guest and their table number attached. Favours could include a box of truffles, a small plant or some mints to enjoy later on in the evening.

Rustic ideas

If you’re having a rustic wedding theme at a barn-style venue, consider having a big bale of hay at the entrance to your wedding breakfast with long picture holders poking out, displaying your various table names. Names hanging off the rung of a ladder, leaning up against a wall is also a unique idea.

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Table plan tree

If you both love the outdoors or are keen gardeners, consider having a potted tree situated outside the wedding breakfast room with the different table names and guests hanging from the branches. An effective, unique and very green way of displaying your table plan. You could even take the tree home with you afterwards and plant it as a memory of your wedding day.

Chalkboard table plan

A cute idea for teachers tying the knot – write your guests’ names and table names onto a large chalkboard for all to see.  This could also then be used by your guests to leave you congratulatory messages.

Engraved table plan

If you like the idea of keeping your wedding table plan as a keepsake forever, then consider getting it engraved. Various companies will be able to engrave your plan onto wood, perspex or mirrored glass, creating not only a truly one-of-a-kind table plan, but something that you’ll be able to hang up at home in order to remember your big day forever.

Wedding cake table plan

If you like the idea of doubling up your wedding cake with your table plan, then discuss (with your cake designer), creating a cake with the edible names of your guests in iced frames cascading down the cake. This could be a focal feature upon the entrance to your wedding breakfast, and a fun moment to photograph when you cut through the cake after the wedding breakfast has been served.

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Festive table plan

If you’re getting married around Christmas this is the perfect time to get creative with your table plan. Get inspired by Rebecca and David’s wedding at Cain Manor and make a string of stockings displaying the guests’ names and table numbers. For that extra cosy feel, hang them around a fireplace if your venue has one.

Pot luck

If you don’t mind taking a risk, a pot luck table plan could be fun! Have a basket at the entrance to your wedding breakfast containing the table names or numbers. Then, as each guest enters, they get to pick from the basket – leaving your entire seating arrangement up to complete chance. This option may not work if you have children or babies attending your wedding, so do bear that in mind.

How much should I spend?

Your table plan will probably come under the stationery portion of your wedding budget. You may be able to have this quoted by your stationery designer or if you are going down a DIY route, be sure to set yourselves a budget and stick to it. Check with your venue as some places will print your table plan for free!

Once you’ve chosen an idea for your table plan, be sure to choose names for each of your tables by reading our article on 100 wedding table name ideas.

Where to display your table plan?

Depending on the layout of your venue, you’ll more than likely need to display your table plan at the entrance to your banquet room. Your wedding planning manager or venue team will be able to give you the best advice when it comes to placing your table plan in the most appropriate location for your wedding guests to see.