What can a wedding toastmaster do for you?

When you are booking your wedding venue you will get an idea of how much (or how little) the staff will take responsibility, for managing your day.

There is also a very important style decision to be made but bear in mind that the more casual you require your day to appear the more planning beforehand is needed. If you like the idea of having someone to formally guide, announce, and help support your day – a wedding toastmaster could be for you. Below is a list of wedding toastmaster duties and the reasons you may wish to consider hiring a toastmaster for your wedding day.

Wedding toastmaster duties

As you think of your day the following questions need to be answered….

  • Who will tell the guests when to go into the ceremony room?
  • Who will help the photographer get the right groups assembled for photos?
  • Who will ensure that the receiving line is in place in time for guests to be greeted and sit down at the scheduled meal start time?
  • Who will liaise with the venue/caterers on timing (overrunning on photograph timing is often an issue so make sure it is not someone involved in the line-ups).
  • Who will announce the entry of the Bride and Groom to the meal? Who will introduce the speeches?
  • Who will announce the cake cutting?
  • Who announces the first dance?
  • Do you want the added formality of an obvious ‘Person in Charge’?
  • Do you visualise him or her dressed in a red jacket/DJ/kilt

If you don’t know the answer to any of the above questions, this is where a wedding toastmaster can help you. ​

Booking a wedding toastmaster

If you have booked a Harper Wedding Venue – visit the Harper Partners section for a selection of wedding toastmasters who have worked across our group of exclusive use wedding venues in the past. If you are looking for something a little less formal, our Wedding Planning Team can give you some suggestions.

Some couples put the responsibility of the wedding toastmaster upon one of their friends. If you plan on doing this – make sure that the appointed friend is 100% happy with making announcements, guiding guests, and speaking loudly, maybe even into a microphone.