MS Wedding Photo & Video

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a family man, based in Guildford. I love music, sport and of course photography and filmmaking. I’m a natural observer, a bit of a quiet guy sometimes. I’m hard working, I run for my shots if needed, and I get super excited when a wedding gallery or film is ready and I can finally send it to the couple.


How would you describe your working style?

Quietly, efficiently, collaborating. I quietly move around, always hunting for the next good moment. I get all the shots the couple requested and I collaborate with all the other suppliers on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Do you shoot digitally or with film? Or both?



What type of equipment do you use?

I use Sony A1 cameras with a variety of top-end prime lenses. For video I have several very high-end mini cameras that I can place throughout the room (barely noticeable). But gear is not the important factor at all. To me it’s the craft, the imagination and the hard work that makes good wedding photography and videography.


Do you shoot in colour and black and white?

I shoot mostly in colour, but ever so often in situations where the colours on location simply don’t look good (for example a weird mix of daylight and florescent bulbs) I might switch to black and white.

Do you include an engagement shoot?

I offer engagement shoots as an additional option.


How long after the wedding will the couple receive their proofs?

Usually within 5 working days. Videos usually take about two weeks to edit.


How far in advance should couples book you?

On average couples book me about one year before their wedding.

What are you favourite trends?

Trends come and go but memories of emotions stay forever. I’m not following any wedding trends at all – they will look dated in just a few years time anyways. Let’s keep it real, honest and timeless.


What are you expecting see more mainstream/more common in the next
year or two?

I expect that more and more photographers will start offering video as well. At the moment I’m one of very few shooters who offer both.


If you were getting married, how would you choose your wedding photographer?

My wife and I looked at a ton of portfolios and then spoke to a handful of photographers. The guy we chose didn’t only have the best portfolio but he was also the kindest guy to have around. He was quiet, polite and very very fast. I as a professional myself loved that approach!

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