bio-degradable wedding confetti

Shropshire Petals

Which Shropshire Petals confetti colours do Harper Wedding Venues permit?

To avoid staining any wood floors, Harper Wedding Venues have confirmed that the following colours of Shropshire Petals confetti are permitted:

• Enchanted Woods
• Pink Lemonade
• Icing Sugar
• Sunshine Kisses


How much confetti should I order?

We recommend providing enough confetti for at least half your guests as we find the ladies throw more than the gents, but the more the merrier. Visit our website to find out how much our Confetti Calculator would recommend for your wedding party.

How far in advance of a wedding, should confetti be ordered?

If your wedding is less than 3 months away you can order right away and the petals will keep fine when stored away from heat, moisture and light.

If your wedding is over 3 months away you can still order now and select Delayed Delivery, that way you can tick it off your list and we will send out the petals 3-6 weeks before your big day.


How long does delivery take?

Our standard delivery is 3-5 working days and we generally aim to dispatch within 2 working days for non-personalised items and 3 working days for personalised items.

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten about confetti, we do also have a next working day delivery for orders before midday.

Will the petals stain my dress?

All our petals are dye-free so have never had a problem with colour running.


What else can I use confetti for?

The most popular way to use petal confetti is throwing over the newlyweds, but you can also use it for scattering on your wedding tables or down the aisle too!

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